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Whole Chickens $6.95/LB
Boneless Skinless Breast $13.95/LB
Bone-In Skin-On Breast $11.95/LB 
Leg Quarters $10.00/LB
Boneless Skinless Thighs $11.95/LB
Wings $10.00/LB 
Cubed Chicken Breast $13.95/LB 
Ground Chicken Breast $13.95/LB
Seasoned Chicken Fajita Strips $14.50/LB
Carcass for Stock $4.95/LB
Chicken Feet $5.95/LB
Chicken Liver $7.00/LB
Chicken Necks $7.00/LB
Buffalo Chicken Burgers $13.00/PK
Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast $11.00/PK
Mild/Hot Chicken Sausage $12.95/LB 
Country Style Chicken Sausage $12.95/LB
Italian Style Chicken Sausage $12.95/LB
Mexican Style Chicken Sausage $12.95/LB

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